Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daddy's fired!

Being the great father he is, Bryan wanted to help out and took Dylan to get his hair cut on Saturday. I think he's taking 'recession budget' a little too seriously ... Dylan won't need another haircut until 2010 now!

(This was taken after Dylan ate his birthday cake. He's not trying out for a Cure cover band!)

Never a dull moment!

Today is Dylan's first day at his new preschool (more on this new school in an upcoming post). School starts at 8am. In Brunswick. No big deal for most people, but you all know that I'm not a morning person. And neither are my kids. They'd like to sleep until 9am every day if possible. This is great for me most of the time, but now with the new school time I have to figure out how to get myself and the kids out of the house by 7:30. Today was day 1 and I already had to call in for backup. And bail money.

Marina is sick with RSV so I asked Bryan to stay home with her while I dropped Dylan off. As I was leaving (running 10 minutes behind schedule) I joked to Bryan that not only were we late, but I wasn't exactly sure how the drop off process goes - where to park, what door to go in, etc. I said "I'm like Mr. Mom when he drops off the kids and everyone kept saying 'You're doing it wrong!'". Bryan laughed as I ran out the door (probably not fully getting the Mr. Mom reference).

So we get to school, 5 minutes late. Find out Dylan's speech therapy is supposed to begin first thing so we're late for that. Sigh. I leave school, get in my car and have a brief moment about leaving my son for his first day at 'the big school' and then pull out of my parking space. As I'm pulling out of the parking lot I notice a police car behind me with blue lights on. Now, I haven't even pulled onto the street yet so I'm thinking it must be some weird security measure to drive with their lights on around schools. Or maybe the police officer doesn't know her lights are on? Stupid, I know, but there was no way I was being pulled over. Wait, yes I was. I was getting pulled over in a parking lot. At my son's new school. What that *&%#?

Apparently I was doing it wrong. The parking lot is a one way circle, just like on Mr. Mom, and I went the wrong way. The police officer was nice and probably felt sorry for my deer-in-headlights-already-been-crying-self and just gave me a little warning about being safe around children and the school.

Lesson learned - always have a backup plan and bail money ... even ifyou're just going to preschool.