Wednesday, October 1, 2008

School Daze

Dylan started preschool this year. I can't believe it. He goes 2 days per week, Tuesday and Thursday from 9-1. As you can imagine for 2 year olds it's mostly about the playground, gym time and snacks, but they do have lessons each day, too. He brings home his projects and then tries to tell me all about them. Like the apple prints. He showed me how they dipped the apple in paint and then pressed it on the paper. He was VERY animated about it, too!

Over the summer he began resisting going to his daycare. He absolutely loves Nana, but didn't want to leave Mommy and probably didn't think it was fair that Marina got to stay home with me and he didn't. Because of that I wasn't sure how he'd do with the new school - strangers, rules, new routine. Dylan doesn't like any of those things (especially rules!). However he's done great with school. He absolutely loves it.

He gets really excited every time we drive by the school. Mostly because of the playground I think. And he also LOVES his lunch box. Thinks it's the coolest thing ever. He doesn't ever eat anything we take, but still loves the idea.

Here's a pic from his first day ... can't you tell how excited he is?

Heavy Metal Lives!!

So everyone knows that I was a heavy metal fan in high school (and secretly still am!). Well, Dylan is living proof that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Example 1: I was taking him to his first day of preschool and we were trying to find a good song to cheer us up before dropping him off. I scanned the 80s station, the 90s station, the 70s rock station, the Nick Kids station, the adult rock station and he said “NO!” (loudly) to all of them. He usually likes the 90s and the adult rock station. Then I tried XM51 – the Mandatory Metallica station. He started rocking out in the backseat, banging his head and said “Yay mama!”.

Example 2: About a week later we were in the car again looking for a good song. I tried a station that was playing a Fergie song. Dylan loudly said "NO!" so I flipped it to the Mandatory Metallica station. They were playing 'Motorbreath' (one of my faves). He was so excited - started rocking out and holding his fist up. Then the song ended and some lame, new Metallica song came on so I switched it back to the pop station. Fergie was still playing. He said "No mama, no!". So I switched it to the Big Hair Band station on XM and they were playing 'Welcome to the Jungle'. He LOVED it! I started singing and he started yelling with me.

Example 3: Bryan was out of town and it had rained all weekend so I had to get a little creative on things to do inside with Dylan. We decided to have a dance party. After going through all the normal songs we dance to I decided to put on 'Girls, Girls, Girls' ... what a winner. Dylan loved it - loved the sound of the motorcycles. He rocked out to the song, jumping on the couches and playing air guitar. Then I got scared and imagined him in a strip club in about 18 years and had to turn it off.

Seriously … he’s so my kid.