Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a bazillion photos!

Since I haven't posted in such a long time I figured I'd dump a bunch of photos and let them do the talking. Here's the first batch. Enjoy!
Halloween 2008
Marina was a kitty and a pumpkin. You know how a girl can never have just one choice! :)

Dylan was, of course, a scary pirate!

Christmas Road Trip

Dylan breakdancing at the bowling alley. uh-huh....

Papaw Tim with the kiddos

Mimi and Marina (dressed like a candy cane it looks like)

Christmas Eve

Friday, February 13, 2009

Is it really 2009?

OK, I have no clue what's happened to the last 6 weeks. Wait, yes I do.
- Dylan turned 3!
- Dylan started his new school (separate post on that coming soon)
- Marina got RSV
- Bryan got some weird eye infection
- FunnySpoon has been keeping us busy, busy, busy
- Regular jobs have been keeping us busy!
- I had a small surgery and a double-whammy sinus infection/bronchitis so I was down & out a week or more

I'm sure a few other things happened in there, too, but you get the gist. The Jaynes house is busy. No busier than anyone else, but just not as good as handling it!

So, this is my explanation and apology for not posting any holiday photos or Dylan's 3rd birthday photos. Coming next week, I PROMISE! In the meantime, my dear friend Shannon Samson shared these photos from our visit to her TV station in Indianapolis right before Christmas. Thanks Shano!

it's actually a better photo of Marina's carseat than Bryan, but wanted to prove he was with us!!

We totally missed out on the photo of the kids with Auntie Shano. I think the 3 degree weather had frozen my brain so I can't be held responsible for not thinking...