Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We're baaaack...

OK, I'm not caught up on life, but have realized that I'm never going to be. So, I'm just biting the bullet and beginning to blog again. I think I've been waiting for that "ahhh, I'm all caught up and nothing else to do" moment "I guess I can blog now". However, there's always children to chase, work to do, laundry to get clean, toys to pick up, phone calls to return and a husband to talk to. So getting caught up just doesn't seem likely in my near, 10-15 year future. If you hear me saying that I'm trying to get caught up refer me to this post!

Anyway, here's my latest funny moment. Dylan is in the terrible 3-and-a-halfs and always tormenting his sister. I'd warned him many times today to be nice to her and stop harrassing her. He was chasing her through the house, they were following me naturally, I heard someone hit the floor and Marina began crying. I turned around to see blood everywhere and she was holding her breath. I instantly knew that Dylan had pushed her. I swooped her up and sent him to timeout in the corner (more on that in another post - timeout is hysterical at our house!). After I got her calmed down and realized all the blood was just from a tiny cut in her mouth I asked why he'd pushed her (he's still in time out, though). He was adamant that he didn't push her and in his struggled speech he basically told me that she'd tripped. Which is ENTIRELY possible! Then he said "Mommy, baby fee go bee-out, no weee". Translation: "Marina's feet need to go to timeout, not me."

I smiled, knowing I was wrong to immediately suspect him. And reluctantly released him from his timeout prison. And poured a glass of wine.

Up next - a million pics from the last few months just to get caught up!


Julie Taylor said...

Oh Carrie - funny stuff and I can just picture Dylan saying this. I can understand how you assummed it was him, parents always assume the older one did it. One glass of wine, you should have had the entire bottle!

Vicki said...

Don't worry, I had the rest of the bottle for her. I think it somehow evens out :)